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DeeLan Cosmetics – #AppleofmyEye Under Eye Repairing gel for Night time. | ShopHere


DeeLan Cosmetics – #AppleofmyEye Under Eye Repairing gel for Night time.

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#appleofmyeye🍎 can address some of eye darkness issues. Fine lines and wrinkles come from both sun damage and your skin making less collagen as you age. Collagen helps maintain skin’s elasticity.

Why you have to use under eye Jel #appleofmyeye🍎
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What causes dark circles under the eye

People often think dark circles are due to tiredness and a lack of sleep. Although this can be one cause, there are other reasons for dark under eye circles, such as allergies or the natural aging process.

Dark circles under the eyes may look purple or blue to dark brown or black, depending on skin color.

These circles are rarely a cause for concern, but people may wish to reduce their appearance for cosmetic reasons.

In some cases, dark circles under the eyes can indicate a need for lifestyle changes, such as improvements to sleep habits or diet.

💯 Natural ingredients product
Use Night time only

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