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Girlie Day Wet n Wild Lipstick Bare it All

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#SnowBanana Hair Food
Good For Hair Growth
Good For Hair Loss
Good for Dranddruf
Good For Split Ends
Good For Hair Breakge
Good for Hair Density
Good For Coloured and Treated Hair



Introducing #SnowBanana Hair Food, our new way to nourish and condition hungry hair. 100% Natural Origin, 100% Vegan* blends, enriched with Super Extracts, For Super Hair.
With #SnowBanana Hair Food, experience up to 4 times less breakage after just one use*


3-in-1 treat for dry hair, blended with Banana and Shea

Lightweight mask can be used as a Conditioner, Mask or Leave-in
Yes 100% Natural Origin ingredients:
Yes Vegan Formula: no animal derived ingredients or by-products
Yes Plant Oils
No Silicones for a natural feel
No Parabens
No Artificial Colourants
How to use

3 ways to use: #SnowBanana Hair Food

1. As a conditioner: on wet hair, to instantly nourish & detangle hair without weigh down.

2. As a mask: on wet hair, leave for 30 mins and rinse out to leave hair feeling intensely nourished & beautifully shiny.

3. As a leave in: on wet or dry hair, apply a small amount to lengths to leave hair irresistibly soft and beautifully healthy.

Shea Butter / Avacado /Castor Oil for Hair Growth
One of the best things about is that it will help grow your hair. It does so by repairing the scalp and hair follicles. With a healthy scalp, your hair will grow faster.

Made in Sri Lanka @deelan_cosmetics @deelan.skin

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